Why Content is King

When it comes to marketing, content is king. The days of creating strategies based only on the brand without giving thought to what's actually in the news release, commercial or web video are long gone. Audiences want something engaging, not a recitation of a company's brand image.

Original content -- including commercials, case studies, viral videos and photos -- enhance a brand's visibility, and put the company's subject matter expertise on display. HiveFire, an internet marketing software company did a survey that found 82 percent of B2B marketers now employ content marketing as a strategy in their marketing programs. 

Part of the popularity of content marketing is its ability to generate qualified leads while engaging prospects in a branded environment without busting the budget. Nearly half of the content marketers interviewed said they dedicate less than a third of their budgets to such marketing expenditures. In addition to frugality, B2B marketers also believe most of their customers and prospects are online, which is why they're focusing their marketing efforts on the Internet.

The survey makes clear that content marketing is only going to become more important going forward, whether you market to other businesses or to the public at large.

Are you using content marketing to enhance your brand?